Exposition collective de Dessin (Collective Drawing Expo)


Le but de cette exposition collective est de présenter des dessins en rapport avec le thème “Résistance “.

Les artistes qui exposent viennent de différentes parties du monde tels que la Suède, l’Italie, le Portugal, l’Espagne, la Bulgarie, la France, la Belgique, l’Iran ou le Mexique.

Dans cette expo nous avons accueilli des artistes professionnels et non professionnels qui résistent dans leurs œuvres ainsi que dans leur vie.
“The act of resistance”
l’acte de résistance

Nous nous référons à la phrase de Gilles Deleuze « Seul l’acte de résistance résiste à la mort, soit sous la forme d’une œuvre d’art soit sous la forme d’une lutte des hommes»

Le vernissage aura lieu le 19 janvier 2015 à 18h00 au Centre culturel Pianofabriek L’expo se prolongera jusqu’au 29 janvier de 10 à 20h.

Cette exposition a lieu dans le cadre de la résidence (en rapport avec le thème “Résistance” du collectif audiovisuel Ciclope.

Vous êtes plus que les bienvenus.

This group drawing expo attempts to present collected drawings with the theme “Resistance”. The artists come from various backgrounds and from different parts of the world such as Sweden, Iran, Italy,Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria,France, Mexico and Belgium.
In this expo we have welcomed professional and nonprofessional artists who resist in their works as well as in their lives.
we would like to refer you to what Gilles Deleuze ,the french philosopher ,claims in 1987, that ‘only the act of resistance resists death, either under the form of the work of art, or in the form of the human struggle. ’

The opening is on 19 January 2015 at 18:00 in Pianofabriek cultural center. The expo continue until 29 january from 10 am to 8 pm.

The expo is part of the residency (with the theme “Resistance”) of the audiovisual collective: Ciclope.

You are more than welcome.

Deze groepstentoonstelling toont tekeningen met als thema “Resistance”. De artiesten hebben elk hun eigen parcours afgelegd en komen van verschillende delen van de wereld: Zweden, Iran, Italië, Portugal, Spanje, Bulgarije, Frankrijk, Mexico en België.

We citeren graag Gilles Deleuze, de Franse filosoof die in 1987 stelde dat “ enkel de verzetsdaad de dood weerstaat, hetzij het in de vorm van een kunstwerk hetzij in de vorm van een menselijke strijd.”

De opening is op 19 januari om 18:00. De expositie loopt tot 29 januari 2015. Van maandag tot zaterdag van 10:00 tot 20:00.

De expo maakt deel uit van de residentie van het audiovisueel kunstenaarscollectief Ciclope.


Bimba col Pugno Chiuso / Screening/ Pianofabriek

Due to the strike on 15/12 Pianofabriek will be closed. The new date for the screening will be communicated soon.

Bimba Col Pugno Chiuso (Little Girl With Iron First) by Claudio di Mambro, Luca Mandrile, Umberto Migliaccio
Documentary, 58′, Italy, 2013
Giovanna Marturano is 101 years old. She is an antifascist, a partisan and a feminist. Little girl with iron fist narrates Giovanna’s life, from her earliest memories when as a child living in Rome she witnessed the rise of fascism in 1922, till the present. She has lived a long and eventful life against injustice and oppression because, she argues: “You can only but struggle, that’s a fact…”.
Two other features make this documentary unique. First, it is an animated documentary and second it is a grass-root production. As a result of a crowd funding campaign throughout Italy, 441 individuals and groups have pooled their resources together thus making this project possible. A century of Italian history is here narrated by a young 101 years old woman with irony and wit.
Bimba col Pugno Chiuso
Watch the trailer here: 

Ciclope is Resisting!

Ciclope is a collective of audiovisual artists aiming today for an utopia, attempting to look from a different point of view. Ciclope is a group of resistant people who embarked in an explorative trip of the concept of Resistance to connect, experience, share and learn what resistance is through different languages, cultures, histories, materials. Ciclope is a single eye. A shot. A moment. An instant in time. Ciclope is a vision. Not single, not unique, but universal. A multiple vision through one single eye. Our third one. We are one.

From November till January, we will investigate, share, collaborate, propose and create within the context of Saint Gilles and in an ongoing  process of interaction with the city. Our aim is to discover and explore the forms and shapes of resistance together and within the city, by practising arts, as a form of resilience.

We want to actively involve the people and places of Saint Gilles, by offering artistic experiences, learning opportunities, moments of sharing, in a two way process of discovering the boundaries of the concept of resistance, where we place ourselves both as providers and participants of such discovery.

We will organise screenings, debates, perfomances, workshops, exhibitions, we will experience art and we will do it together with anyone who will want to experience it with us. Participation and Creativity are key in our travel.

Vernissage: Video/Storytelling EXPO in collaboration with CPAS of Saint-gilles-Friday 5th December 2014

This expo is part of the Ciclope asbl residency in Pianofabriek Culturencentrum with the theme resistance.(November/December 2014 and January 2015 ).
Welcome to our opening.


[en] Together with the Ciclope collective, we searched traces of resistance with a small group of newcomers attached to the CPAS of Saint-Gilles. How do they experience their new city ? What does resistance means in a context of migration and social vulnerability? The result of the cinematic process will be shown in the frame of the ‘resistance’ exhibition in Pianofabriek Culturencentrum

[fr] Avec le collective Ciclope, nous sommes allé à la recherche de traces de résistance chez un petit groupe de primo arrivants relié aux CPAS de Saint-Gilles. Comment vivent-ils leur nouvelle ville ? Que signifie ‘résistance’ dans un contexte de migration et de vulnérabilité sociale? Le résultat du processus cinématographique sera présentée dans le cadre de l’exposition ‘Resistance’ dans le Pianofabriek.

[nl] Samen met het Ciclope collectief, zijn we met een kleine groep nieuwkomers verbonden aan het OCMW van Sint-Gillis op zoek gegaan naar sporen van verzet. Hoe ervaren zij als vrouw hun nieuwe stad en wat betekent verzet in een context van migratie en maatschappelijke kwetsbaarheid? Het resultaat van het filmisch proces zal vertoond worden in het kader van de expo ‘Resistance’ in de Pianofabriek.

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Residency in Pianofabriek from 7th November till 1st of February.Theme: RESISTANCE.(Call for projects)

CICLOPE is going to curate  a residency for 3 months in Pianofabriek.(7th November-1st February)

The them is about Resistance.


you are more than welcome to the opening on 7th of November at 20:00 in the Expo space in Pianofabriek.

If you are interested to propose any activity(event, debate,performance,videos,films,installations) to participate in our residency, do not hesitate to write an email to :


we will come back to you with more information!


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