Syrian Nouvelle Vague – Tribute to Omar Amiralay from 22 April to 13 May 2017

From the 22nd of April until the 13th of May a series of documentaries by the Syrian director Omar Amiralay will be screened around Brussels.

Du 22 avril au 13 mai, une série de documentaires, du réalisateur phare syrienne Omar Amiralay, seront projetés dans différents lieux à Bruxelles pour lui rendre hommage.

Vanaf 22 April tot en met 13 mei zullen er een aantal documentaires plaatsvinden in Brussels. Deze series reeks is gemaakt als eerbetoon voor de Vader van het Syrische Nouvelle Vague door regisseur Omar Amiralay zelf ook afkomstig uit Syrië.

سيتم عرض سلسلة من أفلام المخرج

السوري عمر أميرالاي من 22 أبريل و

حتى 13 مايو 2017

في العاصمة البلجيكية بروكسيل

22 April – Cinemanova
Essay on the Euphrates Dam, Omar Amiralay, Syrie, 1970, b/n, 13′
Step by Step, Ossama Mohammed, Syrie, 1978, b/n, 25′

Eau Argentée, Ossama Mohammed, Syrie – France, 2014, col., 110′
Followed by Q&A with Ossama Mohammed moderated by Omar Salamanca and Marco Perri


23 April – Cinemanova

Workshop with Ossama Mohammed and Cinemaximilian

Concert by Noma Omran with Khaled Al Jaramani and Mohanad Al Jaramani

13 May – Cinemanova

Shadows and Light, Omar Amiralay, Ossama Mohammed, Mohammed Malas, Syrie, 1994, col., 52′   
The screening will be followed by a debate with filmdirectors Kais al-Zubaidi (Iraq) and Omar Amiralay’s brother, Ismat Amiralay (Syria) “Like a whisper in a closed room”: legacies and afterlives of militant cinema in Syria

Tribute to Omar Amiralay, Marco Perri, 2017, 25’
A Flood in Baath Country, Omar Amiralay, Syrie, 2003, col., 46′

In the presence of Ismat Amiralay, brother of Omar Amiralay

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Cineclub at Pianofabriek 
Free Entrance
28 April at 19:00 
Everyday life in a Syrian Village, Omar Amiralay, Syrie, 1974, b/n, 85′   
05 May at 19:00
The Chickens, Omar Amiralay, Syrie, 1977, b/n, 42′
A Scent of Paradise, Omar Amiralay, Syrie, 1982, 42’

Screening at the European Parliament 10 May at 18:00
(ASP 1 E 3)
Free upon registration
The Intimate Enemy, Omar Amiralay, France , 1986, 54’

Cineclub at De Kriekelaar 
Free Entrance
10 May at 20:00
On a day of ordinary violence…My friend Michel Seurat,Omar Amiralay, France – Syrie, 1996, col. 50′   
11 May at 19:00
A plate of sardines, Omar Amiralay, Syrie, 1997, col., 18′
The Man with the Golden Soles, Omar Amiralay, Liban, 2000, col., 55′

The Tribute is Organised by
mr arkadin
Eye on Palestine Collective
in collaboration with AIF, Cinemanova, Cinemaximiliaan, De Kriekelaar,
Pianofabriek, and

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