Atelier de Theatre- CPAS

Atelier de theatre in collaboration with CPAS of Saint-gilles.5 ( 2017)

This atelier took place during January and February 2017 in Pianofabriek in collaboration with CPAS of Saint-gilles and CICLOPE.

Ciclope- Pianofabriek

In this course we will explore the movement, the gesture and voice. Having as departure point ludic games, we will rediscover the joy and strength of playing in order to explore the theatrical scene. Games will liberate participants energy, movement and creativity and will allow the exploration of the different characters types. The journey follows through the creation of imaginary places and actions… and scenes. Scenes where we will search for stories. The ones that we bring in our bodies or memories long wanting to be told, or the ones we heard long ago, or the ones hidden in a song or tale or poetry, or even the ones we bring from our daily life (the house, the street, the coffee), perhaps comic or disturbing… But always searching to awake the joy and fun of our inner child! We will be making this path with the close participation and regard of a Plastic Artist that will register our process and movement through drawings and photos in order to allows to see all our journey with different eyes, colours, possibilities or even retell other stories…